Character Creation


Level: All characters will start at level 1.

Races: All non-setting specific races are allowed; essentially, this means no Warforged, Kalashtar, Muls, or Thri-Kreen. All Eladrin, Elves and Dwarves must use the alternate class features listed in the “Neverwinter Campaign Setting.” These include Moon, Sun, Wild and Wood elves as well as Shield and Gold Dwarves.

Classes: The only class not allowed in Vampire. Otherwise, all classes available in the Character Builder are fair game. Wizards should consider being Mages and not Arcanists. Any Mage who chooses the Renegade Red Wizard theme cannot choose Necromancy as its starting school.

Themes: This campaign will introduce themes to your characters. Themes are like Paragon Paths or Epic Destinies but their benefits apply only to the heroic tier. Each character must select a theme and no 2 characters can have the same theme.

Most themes give a benefit at levels 1, 5, and 10. They also include optional powers you can take in place of class powers you can normally take. For example, most of the themes have a level 2 utility that can be taken.

Each of the following themes is associated directly with the story of Neverwinter and has a detailed background already in place. You may take a theme besides these, but you will have to work out what your motivation is for traveling to Neverwinter, as these come with built-in motivations. These themes will be a major factor in the story and will help determine where the campaign goes, who you will fight and eventually how it will end. Choose your theme carefully as it will be one of the most important element of your character for the story. The background of each theme is linked in the list. Your theme will remain hidden from the other characters at the campaign start.

Neverwinter Noble
Oghma’s Faithful
Harper Agent
Dead Rat Deserter
Illyanbruen Guardian
Uthgardt Barbarian
Pack Outcast
Heir of Delzoun
Renegade Red Wizard
Scion of Shadow
Devil’s Pawn
Spellscarred Harbinger
Bregan D’aerthe Spy
Son of Alagondar
Seeker of Illefarn

Other themes which are Forgotten Realms-based, and thus may be easy to alter to give a motivation for being in Neverwinter:
Purple Dragon
Cormyrian Battle Mage
Blackstaff Apprentice
Halaster’s Clone
Masked Lord

Background: You may use your theme’s background bonuses or take any general theme entry from the Character Builder so long as it doesn’t contradict your theme’s background. You may also take a regional background based on your theme. Some themes will be more restrictive than others.

Equipment: You will begin play with 100g as normal.

Character Creation

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