Masked Lord

Character Creation

You are one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep—a secret ruler of the City of Splendors. You’re also a fugitive, hunted through the streets, alleys, parks, and marketplaces of your fair city.

While pursuing your duties in the Lords’ Palace, you overheard a discussion among several of your
fellow lords. Though their faces and voices were distorted by magic, their words left you chilled. Some among your fellow Masked Lords—you’re not sure who or how many—have been assassinated, their positions and identities assumed by doppelgangers intent on taking control of Waterdeep. Disconnected events, such as an attack outside a tavern and the break-in at a friend’s manor, are suddenly cast in a sinister light. Have you been discovered? Are you even now a target?

Everything is suspect, and trust is a commodity you can’t afford. The identity of the Masked Lords must remain secret; there can be no investigation and no public inquest. You dust off skills you haven’t used since your youthful forays into Undermountain and take to the streets. You need to find reliable allies. Perhaps adventurers or other Masked Lords whose identities are beyond doubt can help you reveal the doppelgangers without compromising your position. And you need to haul Dagult Neverember, the open lord of Waterdeep, back from Neverwinter. With Neverember’s help, the Masked Lords can be purged before Waterdeep falls to the shapeshifters.

Unless Lord Neverember has already been compromised. . .

Creating a Masked Lord

A Masked Lord is first and foremost concerned with the well-being of Waterdeep. The best Masked Lords are versed in the arts of disguise and misdirection, hiding their true nature from friend and foe alike.
Class Prerequisite: None. Masked Lords come from all walks of life. Though many are former adventurers, an equal number are influential citizens.
Race Prerequisite: None. Waterdeep is a mercantile metropolis that counts all races among its inhabitants. As a Masked Lord, you could be a member of any of them.

Masked Lord

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